Local SEO

With the growth of mobile technology, more people are searching for businesses in their area than ever before. There is significant evidence that mobile searches are driven by location, and that mobile searches lead to almost instant action. Users often use their phones to look for restaurants or shops in their immediate area to make a specific purchase. By this point they have already completed most of the buyer’s journey and they are looking for a retailer with whom to make a purchase.

This type of search traffic has huge implications for your organization’s website. You want to maximize your Local SEO to appear at the top of search results for people in your area.

At V Digital Services, this is done by placing your business’ name, address and phone number in a variety of directories like Yelp and YP.com where people often search for local businesses. This also helps establish your business as a trustworthy and pro-customer service company. Next, we will use aggregators to distribute your data to popular social media sites like Pinterest where you can tag your location easily or people can check in. Then we will identify industry specific directories where we can submit your site for easy searching.

The goal of any Local SEO effort is to provide users with contact information to easily reach your business. Even if they are not searching using Google or another popular search engine, they will still be able to find you on one of these prominent sites based on your information and proximity to their location. V Digital Services can show you how.

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