Programmatic marketing strategies make the most of the algorithms and software available. With proper programmatic tools it is possible to target your ads very specifically based on a particular demographic, personal interests, behavior and more. The programmatic system also provides for automated bidding strategies to make the most of your marketing dollars and ad spends.

A large part of your marketing strategy will be dependent on geographic location. In the early stages of our marketing efforts, V Digital Services will take the steps necessary to submit your business information to all relevant directories. These directories verify your location and other contact information. This makes you searchable on Google and other sites by location. The more readily available this information is, and the more places your business is listed, the higher you will rank in geographic searches on Google.

In addition to geography, our strategy includes carefully planning your ads to appear only during the hours that are best for business. Typically, this means showing less ads in the middle of the night and more during your regular business hours. Ads that show while your business is closed will not provide the same value as customers are unable to reach you at that time. Since most geographic searches are done to locate businesses for immediate purchase decisions, this is crucial.

It is important to know that programmatic marketing efforts extend beyond just AdWords and Google. These same tactics can also be applied to Facebook and other advertising venues across the web. Let V Digital Services show you how.

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