Voice Media Group is a diversified media and technology company that specializes in serving advertisers, business owners and readers across the country as the digital heir to one of America’s most successful media organizations.

Twelve regional offices and growing strong-updated

Twelve regional offices and growing strong, since 2013

The Denver—based company’s digital agency advertising business, V Digital Services (VDS), has seen double—digit growth since its inception in 2013 and now has twelve regional offices in the United States along with a growing presence in international markets. The full—service team at VDS includes a wide array of specialists, all based in the U.S. and all devoted to helping businesses succeed in the mobile—digital space.

VDS’s digital expertise dovetails with VMG’s iconic media properties, which today include Phoenix New Times, Denver Westword, Dallas Observer, and Miami New Times. VMG’s decades—long history of journalistic excellence and signature events have allowed it to maintain a strong national footprint while making targeted reductions in its print newspaper portfolio.


Serving business owners locally and across the country

As part of a corporate realignment that began when a new ownership group took control of the company in 2012, VMG has successfully sold several newspaper properties, including the Village Voice in New York City, SF Weekly in San Francisco and Seattle Weekly. This strategic repositioning has allowed VMG to flow additional resources into V Digital Services while continuing to focus on select pillar publications.

In addition to serving hundreds of local business owners, VMG and VDS now provide web and digital services to newspapers and websites across the country and sell national advertising for 53 partner sites and publications with weekly print distribution of 3 million and 95 million page views per month.

Serving business owners locally and across the country-new

With certified experts trained in everything from organic SEO and programmatic advertising to web development, pay—per—click advertising, and social media management, VDS excels at forging relationships with advertising partners and making cutting—edge digital strategies affordable for clients across a range of industries.



At VMG, we’re about embracing change to power progress.

We’re a client—based company on a mission: combining data with personal touch to help customers grow their business. We don’t sell people products and services they don’t need. Instead, we use client—centered selling to craft a customer journey unmatched in the digital space.

Most of all, we’re a trusted pipeline to millions of active readers and customers in some of America’s most vibrant markets.




Chief Executive Officer & President

Scott A. Tobias is the chief executive officer of Voice Media Group. Mr. Tobias oversees all operations and channels of the organization, including sales, operations, web development, and finance, collaborating with team leaders on day—to—day and long—term strategies for the business. Mr. Tobias became CEO in 2012 when he led a management buyout as the chief operating officer of VMG’s corporate predecessor, Village Voice Media Holdings. He has been with the organization since 1993, after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Northern Colorado.


CIO & Executive Vice President Of Digital Operations

Gerard Goroski is the chief information officer and executive vice president of digital operations for Voice Media Group. Based in Phoenix, he leads the company’s information technology, web technology, and digital operations teams, overseeing strategic planning and daily operations.

As digital media has become critical to the company’s operations, Mr. Goroski has led the development of a comprehensive web platform that has allowed content to be published and monetized in print and online. He has played an integral role in the success of the V Digital Services agency, helping VDS achieve rapid growth through the development of digital marketing solutions, cutting—edge best practices, and integrated sales teams. Mr. Goroski has been with the company since 2002; he is a graduate of Montana State University with a BSBA in Management in Information Systems.


Executive Vice President Of Digital Sales

Stuart Folb is executive vice president of digital sales for Voice Media Group. He oversees all digital sales operations for the company, as well as supervising marketing efforts and live events at the company’s publications and serving as publisher of the Houston Press and the Dallas Observer.

Based in Houston, Mr. Folb has played an integral role in VMG’s expansion from traditional newsprint advertising to today’s digital media portfolio and is actively involved in strategic planning for the business. Mr. Folb has been with the company since 1990, after graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a bachelor’s degree in finance and marketing.


Executive Vice President Of Sales Strategy

Kurtis W. Barton is the vice president of sales strategy for Voice Media Group. Based in Phoenix, Mr. Barton oversees all sales operations and training strategy for the group, as well as helping with day—to—day sales strategy inside the V Digital Services agency. He specializes in leading and motivating small—to medium—sized groups and bringing new digital, agency, and print products to the marketplace.

Mr. Barton has been with the organization since 1994 when he graduated with a double major in international marketing and Spanish from Arizona State University.


Ready to feel passionate about your career?

Ready to feel passionate about your career?

Every job at Voice Media Group is about the same thing: evolving. The fast—paced nature of digital marketing and media content creation makes us a natural destination for energetic and ever—curious people who love a challenge and aren’t happy sitting on the sidelines — or sitting still. We believe that innovation is the best service we can provide to our clients, and we give our employees the resources, the training, and the creative freedom to thrive.



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